Monday, September 14, 2009

St George trip and random pictures

In the past couple weeks we have... enjoyed some cookies.
REALLY enjoyed some cookies...
Went to St George for a fun trip with Grandma Sandi, Jen, Abby, Lucy, Jake and Me, Chance and Kami. We swam and swam and ate and slept. We had such a good time.
Kami really got into the spirit of vacationing. She would wake up. eat. swim for a few minutes. Say "nigh, nigh" and sleep  for a few hours and repeat that three times a day. She LOVED it! She is growing up so quick. She just started saying lots of words. My personal favorite is Horse. I can't even explain how she says it, but it is so cute!
Chance didn't want anything to do with napping. He was all about swimming and playing and watching Coraline... (over and over)

He has also figured out some fun things to do at home. He started playing really well. His imagination is growing! He had a rough couple of months, but he has been so good the last couple weeks. And he will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday! I can't believe he will be 3.


We went to the Titans game on Friday night. Katie answered her date for homecoming by doing a cheer for him. (They spelled YES) 
Its kind of hard to see him, but he is looking very happy at the moment! Andrew and Katie will have so much fun together!
We had fun at the game, but we were bummed that they didn't win. But I love this picture of Chance. His face is priceless!
Got a picture of mom and dad too. They just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary!
Chance just loves the football games! Kami on the other hand didn't even make it to half time. I took her home and put her to bed and since we are living with Glen and Dorothy, I was able to go back to the game while they listened for her. It was so nice!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seriously, where to start...

A ton has happened since our last post. Here are a few highlights...

Steve had a birthday!! July 21. Ya... Im a slacker, this is the only picture I took and it is of his cake and not of him. It was a fun day though. We went to see Transformers 2 and we took the kids to a rodeo that night. We had a good time.  
We just got back from the bow hunt. It was good. Chance Loved the four-wheelers. He could ride them all day. It was nice that he was able to go on night hunts this year. 

Steve was able to get a deer this year. So that was good. Chance was really excited about it and Im sure Kami was too. Steve was the most excited though! I'm happy for him.
One of the days Bo took us to some caves and that was fun. The kids had a blast crawling around in the caves and making bear noises.
Kami was so cute up there. It took her a couple of days to get used to walking on the rocky ground, but she had fun. She loved swinging in the swing her daddy set up for her in the tree. 
The next picture is just one I took of Chance, he looks so grown up in it. The picture is on our bed at Glen and Dorothy's house... because that is where we live now...
Because we sold our house... 
It was a happy but sad thing. We have so many great memories there and I will never forget them. But we are excited for the journey we are starting. We are building a new house. I have started a blog just for it if you want to see it. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Baby Girl is 1

I cant believe that Kami is already 1. The year has gone so quick. She is so fun, and cute as can be!
She got this cute little skirt for her birthday and looked so sweet for her birthday!

I got some shots of Chance throwing a HUGE fit! That happens a lot lately!

Oh, isn't it so sad when it's not your day??

Kami got a strawberry shortcake doll that is adorable and she loves to give it big sqeeeeezes!

She also loved her cake!! If you cant tell!

She had to stop her eating every once in a while to give her grandma some good kisses!And Chance had to join in too!

She just wanted to dive into this baby!!

She was spoiled! Of Course!
But her brother and cousin were the ones who were really into the gifts... Yes, Chance is holding a barbie.... he likes them! But not quite as much as he loves cars trucks motorcycles.... or at least that is what we like to tell ourselves!

I can't get this picture on here right... but she loved playing on the slide! She knew it was her big day!
And last but not least this is the birthday cake I made for Kami! It was so fun to make and I plan on making one again sometime. Steve's birthday is coming up!! Shhh don't tell him...
Well we have been busy, but nothing too exciting. Steve finished up clinicals! No more working for free. So that is awesome! We have been working a ton in our yard and just hanging out! We hope you all are having a good summer and that you haven't given up on us! We are still here, we just don't find ourselves in the blogging world much! Steve actually did update his fishing blog recently. So check that out if you want!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So the last part of our last post was a joke! Sorry! haha. I do have to say it handed me a few really good laughs though! The best was Kaitlyn. She came over to say hi to the kids with her friend Andrew and she wanted to show Andrew Kami's pictures from the hospital. So I just had her read the blog! They were just reading along and then they got really quiet and looked at each other and looked at me and I was just smiling. They started screaming and laughing and saying to Kami, "Your going to be a big sister!!" It was so funny. Then she asked if I had told mom and dad. I said "I texted them and told them to check out my blog, but I haven't heard anything from them." So she rushed home and told my mom to look. She looked and said "Its April Fools Katie." She called me all upset! It was pretty funny and all worth it! Haha. But Kami was really in the hospital. That part wasn't a joke!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The hospital

Well we had an eventful week! Thursday Kami was sick. She was throwing up and acting fussy. Tyson stopped by for a second and right when he got here she threw up. So I asked him and Steve to give her a blessing. The blessing was good, it told us that she would let us know if she needed more attention than we could give her. Friday she was throwing up a lot and I bathed her and wrapped her up in a towel. I laid her on the floor so I could get her a diaper and I came back and she was asleep! (Very odd for her) I got her dressed and sat her in her room with her basket of toys and went in a second later and she was asleep sitting up. So I started puting everything together and remembered she hadn't peed since the night before. So I called the doctor and got an appointment. We went in and the doctor had us try to rehydrate her there for and hour. after about 55 minutes the doctor was going to let us go home and Kami threw up all over! So the doctor admitted us to the hospital. They did a bunch of tests and along with vomiting and dehydration, Kami had influenza A, RSV and a urninary tract infection. She had to stay in the hospital for two nights. She was so miserable. The first day she slept all day and she would wake up and look at us and try to smile and it wore her out, so she would fall asleep.

This was the crib she had to stay in. She didn't like getting poked all the time...

It looks like she broke her hand or something, but they just had to wrap her arm where they had the IV so that she wouldn't pull it out.

I did think the hospital gown was so cute!! She was also very cuddly! Also very strange for her.

The second day we got to take her on a walk as long as she would keep her mask on. It was nice for all of us to get out. The last morning we got to take her in the wagon down to the church service they offer at the hospital, that was nice!

This picture just shows how not herself she was and this picture was taken the morning we went home. It was sad, but I am glad she seems to be feeling quite a bit better now that we are home and she is keeping things down. ```

NOW, if all of that wasn't enough, I wasn't feeling too well myself. But it didn't feel like the flu because I wasn't actually throwing up, but I felt the need. So I decided to have Steve pick me up some pregnancy tests while he was out getting me sugar cookies and twilight... and... I don't know how we are going to handle three. This was definately not in the plans right now. Especially since we planned a cruise for 7 months from now...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love the kids... need a break...

Does anyone else ever feel like they need a break from the crying, whining, fit throwing.... I'm at that point today... But here are a couple of things I love about the kids.

Lately Chance is having a hard time going to sleep. He is scared of something in his room... so last night he wasn't quite ready for bed. So we let him watch TV with us. We were watching The Bachelor. We haven't watched it at all, but it was the only thing on worth watching last night. At one point Molly came on the show and Chance said "She's pretty mom." and he was kind of giggling. Me and Steve were laughing so hard. Then I said, "Is she prettier than mommy?" and he said "no." and he paused and said "her on the show though." It was so funny. He's a crack-up. He has been doing way better in Nursery. His teachers said that he is like a different kid. So that is great news too.

Kami is funny too. She is now crawling all over, pulling herself up on things and she has two little teeth. She will be 9 months old this week. It has gone pretty fast! But she has two funny things she does lately. She gets shy when people talk to her and turns her head sideways. Its so cute. The other thing is so funny. She pulls herself up on the leather furniture and she puts her mouth on it and blows. She makes the best fart noises. She also does this on peoples arms, necks, faces. I think it is funny. She also does this funny thing with her tongue when she is concentrating. I love these kids. They bring us so much joy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monster Trucks, Poor Kami, Treehouse and Poor Kami...

Warning: This post is going to be very random! Haha. For Valentines day we went to the Monster Trucks! We took Chance and he LOVED it! Every day since he has said "go to monster trucks next year?" I think he thinks "next year" is sooner than it really is, but I just say "yep! We can go see them next year!"
We went with Dennis and Cortney and Hunter and Hailey. It was fun going with them! Chance loves his cousins! But it was nice to have a night with him. Kami got to stay and play with Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Lynn.

Chance loved the whole night. He still talks about it and says "Monster Trucks ZZROOOM ZZROOM! Noisy! Go to Monster trucks again!" He even plays with his Monster trucks and lines up cars and runs them over! He loved the motorcycles too.
This next one is where the first Poor Kami comes in. One day while I was doing dishes Kami fell down the stairs... poor little girl. She is going to be tough... She became mobile so quick... It makes me sad, but she is getting really fun too!
Last month sometime we went to the treehouse museum. Steve had a day off and we decided we all needed to get out of the house. Chance loved the firetruck.

Kami loved standing and playing with the toys. She likes that she can start to do things on her own a little more.
Chance was a little bit afraid of our new president... We put him in the chair and he kept looking back with a scared look on his face! It was funny! I would have posted that picture, but I thought this picture of Steve was priceless.
This last picture is the only one we got of the kids together... They loved those panda's. The day was really fun! Chance just ran from thing to thing and we just enjoyed being there!
The last poor Kami is that the sweet little girl has Pink Eye... She has been sick for a couple weeks now... She started out with the flu. Throwing up all the time and just laying around... it was so sad. Then she had a cold and it made her throw up and get bad fevers and now she has pink eye and she is just miserable. She didn't sleep at all last night and I just feel bad for her! Well that is our catch up... oh and one last thing... We put our house up for sale!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Its fun having a girl!

Well I'm not really going to try to catch up since it has been so long. There has just been too much going on. But I will say that I love having a little girl. Here are a few reasons why...

The side ponytails... (not the attitude)
The cute dolls and fun little outfits.

The pigtails...

The ponytail web... not sure what else to call it... but it is my personal favorite! But most of all I love her big blue eyes and her smiles and her little giggles. I am sad she is growing up so fast. She started crawling two days ago... My little baby is growing up so quick. I sure love her though... and I guess I love her cute big brother too... He's pretty special as well...

Who do I look like?