Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love today!!

I just wanted to write a short blog about today! It has been such a great day. Nothing extra special, just a regular Sunday, but today I am grateful. Of course with a (almost) two year old sacrament is always pretty crazy, but today Chance did so good. He was kind of cuddly and he was happy, so that was a nice surprise! Everyone always wants to hold sweet Kami, but today I really enjoyed holding my little man! He is a sweet kid! I am also very thankful for Nursery. Chance loves it and I love the opportunity it gives me to go to class and feel of the spirit. Kami and I missed Sunday school because of feeding and diaper changes, but Relief Society was so great! I don't know if it has been a while since I really felt the spirit or what, but it was great. The lesson was about being a daughter of God. I don't think about this nearly enough. I am thankful to be a daughter of God. I know he loves me and today I was touched to feel the spirit testify it to me. I also looked in my sweet baby's sleeping face and realized that she was a daughter of God too. What a special moment! Since church the kids have been sleeping and I got to get a little rest as well. I think I needed a day like this, Heavenly Father does love me. He knows when I need something and he blesses me. I he knows I love him and appreciate him. It was a great day. I am still going to write about her blessing day one of these days, but I will put a picture so you can see how sweet she is in her white dress, and since I am thinking about daughters of God, I will put our Four Generation picture. My Mom, My Grandma Beazer, Kami, and Me.

Who do I look like?