Thursday, November 6, 2008

My little MUMMY'S

Halloween was fun this year! Chance understood it more than last year and the kids were mummies. I think they looked so stinkin cute! I owe a ton of thanks to my mom who did 90% of the sewing.... I attempted, but since I just started sewing a month or two ago, I'm not real fast. So I only did Kami's pants. I did a shirt for her, but it ended up not fitting, so we had to make another one and my mom did that one.
We started our Halloween day by going to daddy's work to the parade they do every year. It was fun. He had to work through it, so we went through without him. But we did get to catch up with him after. Everyone went crazy for the kids costumes. I am definately biased, so I thought they were pretty cute!We had to add bows and buttons to Kami's outfit so she wouldn' look like a little boy mummy. We still had people tell us our little boys were cute... poor Kami looks just like her big brother!
This was my favorite view of chances costume. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was cute. The fabric in the back just hung from his cute little behind. After the parade we went to the football game with Grandpa Lynn and Bupbears Sandi to see the "tite's" according to Chance. (Titans, according to everyone else.) It was fun. they did good, and the weather was really nice!
When daddy got home we went to see Great Grandma and Gramps. They love seeing the kids all dressed up. They approved of the costumes this year. Last year they told me that I was a mean mom for dressing Chance like Frankenstein. Of course the were joking...
I think they are one of my favorite places to go on Halloween! They are always so excited to see the kids. When I was pregnant with Chance Gramps would ask me all the time "When is the puppy coming?" So his first halloween he was a cute little puppy as a surprise for Gramps!

Another funny joke we have with Gramps is that he asked me for a picture of Chance to put on his table of grandkids and great grandkids when Chance was born... well I just got the pictures to him like a month ago... So everytime I take a picture with him and the kids he says, "So should I plan on getting a copy in a year or two years?" I told him to plan on two and if it comes sooner he can be pleasantly surprised! haha. I love my gramps!!
After that we went to Grandpa Glen and Grandma Dorothy's house to visit them. We got a picture of our little family over there. Yeah, Steve couldn't get enough of the mullet. I think he secretly wishes he could grow one like that! Haha.
Grandma had seen the costume but grandpa hadn't, they both loved it! And the kids loved seeing them. Our only complaint is that we didn't have longer to stay and visit with everyone. That night goes so fast!
Next we stopped and Grandpa Lynn's and Bupbear Sandi's for sloppy joes, wassail and donuts... yummy! Abby stopped by at the same time so we got to see her in her cute Witch costume. She was so cute! And Ty stopped by in his scout costume. Chance was sick of pictures and he was a little frightened by Ty's costume! Check out his cute face!
It was a fun night. After that me and Kami passed out treats to the trick or treaters and Steve and Chance went trick or treating with Dennis, Hunter and Hailey. Good times, good times!

Who do I look like?