Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monster Trucks, Poor Kami, Treehouse and Poor Kami...

Warning: This post is going to be very random! Haha. For Valentines day we went to the Monster Trucks! We took Chance and he LOVED it! Every day since he has said "go to monster trucks next year?" I think he thinks "next year" is sooner than it really is, but I just say "yep! We can go see them next year!"
We went with Dennis and Cortney and Hunter and Hailey. It was fun going with them! Chance loves his cousins! But it was nice to have a night with him. Kami got to stay and play with Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Lynn.

Chance loved the whole night. He still talks about it and says "Monster Trucks ZZROOOM ZZROOM! Noisy! Go to Monster trucks again!" He even plays with his Monster trucks and lines up cars and runs them over! He loved the motorcycles too.
This next one is where the first Poor Kami comes in. One day while I was doing dishes Kami fell down the stairs... poor little girl. She is going to be tough... She became mobile so quick... It makes me sad, but she is getting really fun too!
Last month sometime we went to the treehouse museum. Steve had a day off and we decided we all needed to get out of the house. Chance loved the firetruck.

Kami loved standing and playing with the toys. She likes that she can start to do things on her own a little more.
Chance was a little bit afraid of our new president... We put him in the chair and he kept looking back with a scared look on his face! It was funny! I would have posted that picture, but I thought this picture of Steve was priceless.
This last picture is the only one we got of the kids together... They loved those panda's. The day was really fun! Chance just ran from thing to thing and we just enjoyed being there!
The last poor Kami is that the sweet little girl has Pink Eye... She has been sick for a couple weeks now... She started out with the flu. Throwing up all the time and just laying around... it was so sad. Then she had a cold and it made her throw up and get bad fevers and now she has pink eye and she is just miserable. She didn't sleep at all last night and I just feel bad for her! Well that is our catch up... oh and one last thing... We put our house up for sale!

Who do I look like?