Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"ations Daddy!!"

Yesterday was such a great day! First thing in the morning Steve went and took his Boards for Radiology and he passed!! We are sooooo proud of him! We were excited to have him done with that part of school, so we wanted to have a fun day! So we went swimming. We decided Steve really needed to take Chance swimming because Chance says "fwim, Bo" EVERY DAY! We thought it might be good for Chance to remember swimming with his dad and mom too! So we went and Chance is getting soooo brave! He wasn't even scared to get in the water and after a while he was playing by himself and kicking his legs and before we knew it he was jumping in and saying "again." He is getting so much personality! He copies everything we say (scary, huh) and he realizes that he is funny! We decided that we needed to take Daddy out for a fun dinner since he passed his test. So we went to Texas Roadhouse! It was so yummy! But Chance sat in the booster seat next to me and ate his food all by himself and loved it! He kept saying, "mommy, daddy, Fwun!" I said "Tell daddy congratulations for passing his test and he said, "ations Daddy!" He is so cute!
Steve and I really enjoyed our time together too! We were flirting and having fun! The things we don't get to do quite as much with two children! It was a great day and we are sooooo proud of Steve for all of his hardwork! WE LOVE YOU STEVE!!!
And Today Chance was so cute, we got home from running an errand and the baby was crying in her chair and Chance turned to me and said "Mom, Baby Sad... Hode her mom." (Hold Her) and I said "yeah, baby is sad, huh?" and he said "Hode her mom." He is so fun! He really is starting to get it! Sometimes when she is crying he says. "Baby... OK?" It is such a good thing that kids are so cute! It makes all the craziness seem worth it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cherry Hill!

Yesterday Steve's work had a party at Cherry Hill. So I loaded up the kids and we went. My mom was so nice to come and watch Kami for me while Chance and I played all day in the water with Bo and Abby. It was so fun. I am sad I didn't get any pictures. But first we went on the Lazy River and Chance was scared at first (he doesn't like the water much... it takes a little bit for him to warm up.) When he warmed up he had so much fun... saying WEEEE and fwun! yeah I meant to put the "w" in there! I took him down the water slides a bunch of times and I was worried he would hate it... nope! He kept saying "gain... fwun!" He wanted to go again and again and again. He loved the entire day! He and Abby would hold each others hands on the Lazy River, it was so cute! Well it was a great day! On the way home Chance was pooped and he fell asleep. When he woke up he said "fwim, Bo Abby!" After all day he still wanted more! I love all the words he says and how he changes them! But we found a word he cant say for a while until he learns how to say it right... POPSICLE... it ends up being a really bad four letter word that starts with an "F" and ends with a "YOU." Not so good huh? Can you tell Steve is out of town? It is 10:30 at night and I am blogging and watching TV instead of sleeping! Well I have rambled long enough. When Steve gets home I will put pictures from Kami's blessing on here and write about it!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Golfin' and Hikin'... who's gonna be the biggest loser??

We such a fun week! Steve went fishing... Check out his blog!! haha. Yesterday we went to the clearfield carnival... that was a little lame. But we went golfing with Papa and that was fun! Chance loves to golf! Steve had fun golfing and me and Kami had lots of fun watching and riding in the cart. Chance is getting so good at golf. He actually hit one in the hole from like 10 feet away! We hope you enjoy the video of him golfing. I think it is crazy to watch him. He's not even 2 years old and he really can play well.
He loves being coached by his dad and papa. He is even learning to be better about letting other people have their turns and being quiet during other peoples backswings... I still struggle with that one... oops.
We watched fireworks at Dennis and Cortney's house too. That was fun. Kami was so good, she just slept the whole time and Chance really liked watching the fireworks and saying wow!

On Thursday night we went on a hike!! We hiked Beus Canyon. It was pretty up there, the trail was all shady and it was a nice starter trail because we are out of shape. But we are working on it. We are doing a BIGGEST LOSER competition with Dennis and Cortney. We started on June 22. We are weighing in each week and doing a prize for the biggest loser each week and we are doing a challenge with them every other week. The hike was our first challenge!

And last week at our first weigh in I was the biggest loser!! We are doing it by percentage of weight loss and I lost 4.8 percent!! yay! Steve did good too he lost like 2.2 percent. For my prize I chose help with a summer project, so Dennis and Cortney have agreed to come over and help us clean our windows! Isn't that mean of me?? haha. But VERY nice of them.

The hike was nice though. Chance loved it! He just laughed and laughed at Hunter and Hailey and kept calling out for me when I would fall behind! It felt great to do some excercise in the nature. Kami did good too, she is a pretty content baby. Oh and on the trail Hunter and Hailey saw a RATTLE SNAKE! It was just little one, but still scary, so we decided it was a good place to turn around. Whew!

Who do I look like?