Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey everyone! This is a picture from Josh Pollards wedding! That was a fun event and it was fun to catch up with Steve's friends! I also had a get together with a bunch of high school friends last week for Christine Poulsen's bridal shower and it was a blast! We had a sleepover and everything! It was great to catch up with everyone! Well as you can see from the picture, the baby is going to be here very soon! I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks good. I am not planning on her being here early... So hopefully around June 7th or 8th we will have her! But we will post some pictures when we have her! We have lots to do to get ready for her to be here! But we are so excited! Steve is fishing right now. Getting in his last fishing trip before the baby gets here! We are excited for him to come home though! Chance is getting tired of 24-7 mommy time! haha. Well hopefully we will update you again before we actually have Kami. We should just call me the "slacker blogger!!"

Who do I look like?