Friday, January 22, 2010

Graduation, Birthday, Christmas, New House...

We are so happy to finally be moved into our house. This post is out of order because I can't figure out blogger after all this time and my pictures always go on backwards of what I want them to be. 
On Christmas Eve we spent the night at our house! Kami slept in her room.
The rest of us slept in the family room on the floor. It felt so good to be home and Chance was so glad that Santa found us at our new house. Santa actually made it to our Beazer family party and Chance told him that we were staying at our new house and Santa said he would make sure to come there instead of Grandma Bouys house. 
The house wasn't quite finished, but we had fun staying there. Chance didn't want to go anywhere else after that. We stayed with my parents for a week before we could move in officially and Chance was constantly asking if we could go home. 
For my birthday Steve and I went to see New Moon and we took the kids out to dinner at the Olive Garden. It was nice, they were so good. (There were better pictures of all of us, but chances face was just priceless!)

Steve Graduated on December 11, 2009! We are so proud of him and we were so glad to have this day finally arrive! The kids loved going to daddy's school and watching for him. My parents and Glen and Dorothy were also there with us! What a great day!

Who do I look like?