Monday, September 14, 2009

St George trip and random pictures

In the past couple weeks we have... enjoyed some cookies.
REALLY enjoyed some cookies...
Went to St George for a fun trip with Grandma Sandi, Jen, Abby, Lucy, Jake and Me, Chance and Kami. We swam and swam and ate and slept. We had such a good time.
Kami really got into the spirit of vacationing. She would wake up. eat. swim for a few minutes. Say "nigh, nigh" and sleep  for a few hours and repeat that three times a day. She LOVED it! She is growing up so quick. She just started saying lots of words. My personal favorite is Horse. I can't even explain how she says it, but it is so cute!
Chance didn't want anything to do with napping. He was all about swimming and playing and watching Coraline... (over and over)

He has also figured out some fun things to do at home. He started playing really well. His imagination is growing! He had a rough couple of months, but he has been so good the last couple weeks. And he will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday! I can't believe he will be 3.


We went to the Titans game on Friday night. Katie answered her date for homecoming by doing a cheer for him. (They spelled YES) 
Its kind of hard to see him, but he is looking very happy at the moment! Andrew and Katie will have so much fun together!
We had fun at the game, but we were bummed that they didn't win. But I love this picture of Chance. His face is priceless!
Got a picture of mom and dad too. They just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary!
Chance just loves the football games! Kami on the other hand didn't even make it to half time. I took her home and put her to bed and since we are living with Glen and Dorothy, I was able to go back to the game while they listened for her. It was so nice!

Who do I look like?