Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love the kids... need a break...

Does anyone else ever feel like they need a break from the crying, whining, fit throwing.... I'm at that point today... But here are a couple of things I love about the kids.

Lately Chance is having a hard time going to sleep. He is scared of something in his room... so last night he wasn't quite ready for bed. So we let him watch TV with us. We were watching The Bachelor. We haven't watched it at all, but it was the only thing on worth watching last night. At one point Molly came on the show and Chance said "She's pretty mom." and he was kind of giggling. Me and Steve were laughing so hard. Then I said, "Is she prettier than mommy?" and he said "no." and he paused and said "her on the show though." It was so funny. He's a crack-up. He has been doing way better in Nursery. His teachers said that he is like a different kid. So that is great news too.

Kami is funny too. She is now crawling all over, pulling herself up on things and she has two little teeth. She will be 9 months old this week. It has gone pretty fast! But she has two funny things she does lately. She gets shy when people talk to her and turns her head sideways. Its so cute. The other thing is so funny. She pulls herself up on the leather furniture and she puts her mouth on it and blows. She makes the best fart noises. She also does this on peoples arms, necks, faces. I think it is funny. She also does this funny thing with her tongue when she is concentrating. I love these kids. They bring us so much joy.

Who do I look like?