Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Baby Girl is 1

I cant believe that Kami is already 1. The year has gone so quick. She is so fun, and cute as can be!
She got this cute little skirt for her birthday and looked so sweet for her birthday!

I got some shots of Chance throwing a HUGE fit! That happens a lot lately!

Oh, isn't it so sad when it's not your day??

Kami got a strawberry shortcake doll that is adorable and she loves to give it big sqeeeeezes!

She also loved her cake!! If you cant tell!

She had to stop her eating every once in a while to give her grandma some good kisses!And Chance had to join in too!

She just wanted to dive into this baby!!

She was spoiled! Of Course!
But her brother and cousin were the ones who were really into the gifts... Yes, Chance is holding a barbie.... he likes them! But not quite as much as he loves cars trucks motorcycles.... or at least that is what we like to tell ourselves!

I can't get this picture on here right... but she loved playing on the slide! She knew it was her big day!
And last but not least this is the birthday cake I made for Kami! It was so fun to make and I plan on making one again sometime. Steve's birthday is coming up!! Shhh don't tell him...
Well we have been busy, but nothing too exciting. Steve finished up clinicals! No more working for free. So that is awesome! We have been working a ton in our yard and just hanging out! We hope you all are having a good summer and that you haven't given up on us! We are still here, we just don't find ourselves in the blogging world much! Steve actually did update his fishing blog recently. So check that out if you want!


Pieces of Us said...

I can't believe she is 1 already. How did our babies grow up so fast!? I swear we were just sitting in Relief Society being 9 months preggo and miserable. Haha.
I love love that littls skirt she got for her birthday it is SOO cute! Your kids are so sweet. I love them!

Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

She is such a little sweetie! It looks like she had an awesome birthday! I totally feel for Chance! Bryson had a really hard time on Owen's birthday too. He just couldn't figure out why he wasn't getting any presents! Good job on the cake! It is so cute!!

Chaleese said...

Happy Birthday cute baby girl! She is so cute and getting so big :)Way cute cake!

Soontobemoser said...

Hey Natalie!
I found your blog through some friends on facebook, and can I just say you have an adorable family! Hope all is well, you look great!

Take Care-

Heidi and Matt said...

I can't believe she's one already!!! She's so cute! How are you guys doing? We want to get together again soon!

The Johnson's said...

congratulations natalie! three kids... holy cow... your getting old. Good luck with the pregnancy. I hope it all goes good. Your kids are super cute.

Sarah said...

Oh, our babies are so close in age! Happy birthday little Cami! What a cute girl! Chance is sure a cutie too. Kaylee had a little bit of trouble too not being the center of attention as well!!!

The Pearces said...

Happy Birthday Cami! Very cute cake!

The Johnson's said...

haha just kidding... next time all read all of your posts... i tend to have blond moments occasionally

Who do I look like?