Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The hospital

Well we had an eventful week! Thursday Kami was sick. She was throwing up and acting fussy. Tyson stopped by for a second and right when he got here she threw up. So I asked him and Steve to give her a blessing. The blessing was good, it told us that she would let us know if she needed more attention than we could give her. Friday she was throwing up a lot and I bathed her and wrapped her up in a towel. I laid her on the floor so I could get her a diaper and I came back and she was asleep! (Very odd for her) I got her dressed and sat her in her room with her basket of toys and went in a second later and she was asleep sitting up. So I started puting everything together and remembered she hadn't peed since the night before. So I called the doctor and got an appointment. We went in and the doctor had us try to rehydrate her there for and hour. after about 55 minutes the doctor was going to let us go home and Kami threw up all over! So the doctor admitted us to the hospital. They did a bunch of tests and along with vomiting and dehydration, Kami had influenza A, RSV and a urninary tract infection. She had to stay in the hospital for two nights. She was so miserable. The first day she slept all day and she would wake up and look at us and try to smile and it wore her out, so she would fall asleep.

This was the crib she had to stay in. She didn't like getting poked all the time...

It looks like she broke her hand or something, but they just had to wrap her arm where they had the IV so that she wouldn't pull it out.

I did think the hospital gown was so cute!! She was also very cuddly! Also very strange for her.

The second day we got to take her on a walk as long as she would keep her mask on. It was nice for all of us to get out. The last morning we got to take her in the wagon down to the church service they offer at the hospital, that was nice!

This picture just shows how not herself she was and this picture was taken the morning we went home. It was sad, but I am glad she seems to be feeling quite a bit better now that we are home and she is keeping things down. ```

NOW, if all of that wasn't enough, I wasn't feeling too well myself. But it didn't feel like the flu because I wasn't actually throwing up, but I felt the need. So I decided to have Steve pick me up some pregnancy tests while he was out getting me sugar cookies and twilight... and... I don't know how we are going to handle three. This was definately not in the plans right now. Especially since we planned a cruise for 7 months from now...


Pieces of Us said...

I am so sad about Cami. I'm glad she is doing better! Let me know if you need anything.


HOly Smokes!!! Congrats on the new baby!! That is going to be a big adjustment, but if anyone can handle it you. You are an awesome Mom!!! Yay!

Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

I feel so bad for all of you!! That must have been miserable for everyone.
Congratulations on the new baby!! This isn't an April Fool's joke is it? :) One of my other friends already pulled that one on me today so I am a little leary... Three will be a handful but you can do it!!! How exciting!

The Martin's said...

WOW!!! Congrats!! That's super exciting! :) And poor Kami :( I hope she's feeling better. Please let me know if I can take Chance for an afternoon or something!

Heidi said...

You'll handle 3 like a pro! CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so awesome! My mom always said that 3 was a bit of an adjustment, but the 4th was a cake walk because you're so used to 3. I babysat 3 kids for a couple weeks last month and it was so fun (not easy, but fun), don't fret; this is a blessing! That last picture of Cami is so sad but her EYES are so dang beautiful!!! She looks like her mama! And you can always rebook the cruise; that's the least of your worries, right? ;) Congrats on baby #3 and hope Cami is getting better!

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